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We want to use our 16 years of experience implementing the Blue Heron Scholarship and Mentorship program to help others replicate our model throughout the world.

Contact us so we can discuss how best to help you initiate and develop a similar program in your community. The areas we cover include:

The fonder pay all administrative costs.

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    Wild Orchid Fundation

    lready in the Philippines, the Wild Orchid Foundation has used our blueprint to establish after school programs and provide college scholarships for children of the incarcerated.

    Stefania Magidson, founder of Blue Heron Foundation and I met in 2008 and became instant friends. We shared two major loves in common- that of dance and a passion to uplift those in need. My husband Alberto and I were very impressed with her management of Blue Heron Foundation and were strongly affected by the success stories of her grantees. We joined Blue Heron’s advisory board and over the years, Stefania urged me to start a foundation, one that would be of my own design.

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