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We want to use our 16 years of experience implementing the Blue Heron Scholarship and Mentorship program to help others replicate our model throughout the world.

Contact us so we can discuss how best to help you initiate and develop a similar program in your community. The areas we cover include:

how to start a non-profit
how to identify youth in need
how to select student applicants
how to tailor the program to your community’s needs
how to build a community of dedicated donors and mentors
how to partner with local and governmental officials
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    Wild Orchid Foundation

    Already in the Philippines, the Wild Orchid Foundation has used our blueprint to establish after school programs and provide college scholarships for children of the incarcerated.

    Stefania Magidson, founder of Blue Heron Foundation and I met in 2008 and became instant friends. We shared two major loves in common- that of dance and a passion to uplift those in need. My husband Alberto and I were very impressed with her management of Blue Heron Foundation and were strongly affected by the success stories of her grantees. We joined Blue Heron’s advisory board and over the years, Stefania urged me to start a foundation, one that would be of my own design.

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    It just happened that at the same time Stefania was encouraging me, I saw The Dancing Inmates perform in Mark’s (Stefania’s husband and documentary filmmaker) film, “Samsara”. It was pure coincidence that The Dancing Inmates happen to be from my hometown of Cebu, Philippines. Serendipitously, I received an invitation to visit The Dancing Inmates at their maximum security prison, CPDRC. Through their dance rehabilitation program, I had the opportunity to interact with thousands of inmates. This experience brought me close to the rampant poverty and degradation in the land of my birth. That was in 2015 and I decided to establish The Wild Orchid Foundation in order to serve impoverished Filipino communities.

    Wild Orchid has 501(c)3 status and we are dedicated to assisting students from elementary, to vocational training levels (ages 5 to 18). We reach out to at risk youth in detention centers, as well as those who are incarcerated. Some of our students have parents in prison. Our projects consist of providing nourishment to students who come to school hungry, as well as giving classroom support to under resourced schools. Many of our youth are unable to attend school regularly because of distance or due to the difficulties of living in a broken family. For our incarcerated community members, we check in on their children and also offer additional support to motivate and uplift them during their hardship.

    Since running a non profit was (and still is) a new experience for me, I followed Stefania’s rubric and continue to do so. Our program is not an exact replica of Blue Heron, but I always look to Blue Heron’s organization as my model . Stefania has mentored and helped me overcome obstacles I encounter on a daily basis. Her advice has been indispensable in making The Wild Orchid Foundation a functioning and sustainable enterprise. Alberto, who is our foundation’s vice president, and I also follow in Stefania & Mark’s footsteps and cover the administrative expenses so that 100% of donations go to the people we assist.

    It is marvelous that, like the Blue Heron Foundation’s mentor/mentee dynamic, Stefania is my mentor and helped birth a charitable entity across the ocean, on the other side of the world from Romania. Undoubtedly other organizations will follow Blue Heron's illuminated path.