I always think fondly of the Blue Heron family. I like to call it a big family because over the past three years (2006-2009) while I was a grantee of the foundation, I met generous and gifted people.

While I was a student in the Construction Faculty in Iasi, I went through a difficult time. I faced the typical issues of those my age. Imagine my joy when I discovered that at the foundation I could find both the moral and material support necessary to help me fight for my dreams.

Another thing I deeply appreciate about the Blue Heron Foundation is the high expectations they have for the students they take under their wing as well as the organization’s commitment to the students’ long-term success. I experienced the benefits of these goals myself and I hope they will continue to educate future generations in the same way.

I am now pursuing post-graduate studies in civil engineering at the Construction Faculty in Iasi and I enjoy what I’m doing. After I receive my Ph.D., I intend to work in research or as an engineer in a multinational company. I have also contemplated starting a business of my own. I hope that some day I can be a mentor or even a donor to the foundation.

I wholeheartedly thank all the people involved in the Blue Heron Foundation: donating members, mentors, staff and volunteers. I think that helping young people in need is more than a wonderful and selfless act. It is an investment with great returns not only for the beneficiaries, but also for those involved.

Catalin, Blue Heron scholarship recipient 2006-2009. PhD, Civil Engineering, A. I. Cuza, Iasi.

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