2018 20/Jun

Being an orphan and lacking material resources, I didn’t dare imagine studying in a well-known university in Iasi. As a Blue Heron scholarship recipient, I had the privilege to improve my life both at the professional and personal level.

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2018 18/Jun
Nicolae Comaritan- alumni donator

I lived in social care until I was 25 years old. My mother abandoned me in the maternity ward because she has no means to take care of me. I grew up in several different placement centres. In every one of these places, I met teachers and social assistants who contributed to my development. They

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2018 25/Apr

I am still institutionalized in a Children’s Home until the end of my university studies. I do not regret growing up in this place. It is, basically, the home of a very big family. At present, I am a student at the Faculty for Environmental Engineering, at the University ”Vasile Alecsandri” in Bacău.

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2016 27/Feb

I always think fondly of the Blue Heron family. I like to call it a big family because over the past three years (2006-2009) while I was a grantee of the foundation, I met generous and gifted people.

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2016 26/Feb

I want to start by thanking all the Blue Heron contributors, as well as Prof. Lidia Starica who first introduced me to the Blue Heron program. In addition, I want to thank my mentor, Mrs. Corina Musteret, who came to have a very special place in my life and in my heart.

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