2018 7/Nov

M.A., Romanian Literature in European Context, Ștefan cel Mare University, Suceava The year 2012 was one of the most significant and beautiful periods of my life. Among the many blessings of that year I count the scholarship received from the Blue Heron Foundation. When I applied for the scholarship, I had to write The Story

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2018 31/Oct
Ciurea Ioana- alumni

M.A., double-major „Environment Security Management and Food Safety” and „Management in the Food Industry, Consumer Foods and Special Nutrition”, „Ștefan cel Mare” University Suceava In 2010, I became a Blue Heron student. The BH family gave me a helping hand during the most important time of my life and provided all the support I needed

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2018 29/Aug
Geanian Recean alumni

Back in 2004, when I was about 17 years old, professor Calaican (BH member) came to visit me in the orphanage ‘Casa Maria’ and talk to me about this new project – BH’s college scholarships. I was the first girl in many generations in our orphanage who aspired to go to college, so professor Calaican’s

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2018 23/Aug

I was in the care of SOS Children’s Village ever since I was a little girl. My parents couldn’t care for me, so they did what they thought was best and left me there. They thought that, this way, I would get better access to the things they couldn’t provide, such as a good education.

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2018 21/Jun
Nicolae Comaritan- alumni donator

I lived in social care until I was 25 years old. My mother abandoned me in the maternity ward because she has no means to take care of me. I grew up in several different placement centres. In every one of these places, I met teachers and social assistants who contributed to my development. They

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