I want to start by thanking all the Blue Heron contributors, as well as Prof. Lidia Starica, who first introduced me to the Blue Heron program. In addition, I want to thank my mentor, Mrs. Corina Musteret, who came to have a very special place in my life and in my heart.

At the beginning, doing the monthly 20 hours of volunteer work seemed a rather easy task. However, finding the right institution that would really add value to my professional development proved more difficult than I initially believed. After several failed attempts, I re-boosted my ambition and drive and got a one-year volunteering contract with the National Environmental Guard in Iasi. I currently work at the archives and am trying to learn as many things as I can about my profession. I welcome the opportunity and admit I would have never had this experience if I were not the recipient of a Blue Heron scholarship. It has helped me grow and become more mature not only in my profession, but also as an individual.

Cosmina, Blue Heron scholarship recipient, 2011-2014, M.A., Environmental Counseling, A.I. Cuza University.

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