I would like to thank the Blue Heron Foundation, its supporters, the Aba Del Tin Foundation, and, last but not least, Ramona Maxwell, my mentor.

I had the privilege to be a Blue Heron scholar since the beginning of the program. I benefited from both the financial and moral support during five of the most formative years of my life. Over time, my relationship with my mentor Ramona evolved into a profound friendship.

Being an orphan and lacking material resources, I didn’t dare imagine studying at a well-known university in Iasi. As a Blue Heron scholarship recipient, I had the privilege to improve my life both at the professional and personal level.

The foundation required us to do volunteer work. As a volunteer in a foster home in Iasi, I met children who hadn’t been as lucky as I was. This motivated me to do my best in school and dream of a time when I would be able to be in a position to help these children. This year I could offer only moral support, but I’m sure that some day I will manage to offer material support as well. My volunteer work helped me obtain a full-time job.

My education was greatly enriched by the courses included in the Blue Heron scholarship program (ECDL, English language test, project management, Winmentor – a book-keeping program and preparation courses for certification as an auditor). That’s how I became a specialist in my domain.

The Blue Heron Foundation’s support continued throughout my graduate studies. I reached a new level in my profession as a bookkeeper and financial auditor. Now I can confidently contemplate opportunities such as working in a multinational company or starting my own business. Meanwhile, my brother became a Blue Heron scholarship recipient as well. Because of this we are able to share an apartment in Iasi.

I am currently studying for my Ph.D. in economics at the Economics and Business Administration Faculty, Al. I. Cuza University, Iasi. I couldn’t have reached this level without the Blue Heron Foundation’s support.

With God’s help, in three years I will finish my post-graduate degree and qualify as a CPA. I plan to start a consulting business with my brother, who is involved in the same field.

Daniela, Blue Heron scholarship recipient 2005-2010, M.A. Business Economics, Al. I. Cuza University, Iasi.

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