General Directorates for Social Assistance and Child Protection:
  • DGASPC Arad
  • DGASPC Botosani
  • DGASPC Buzau
  • DGASPC Constanta
  • DGASPC Iasi
  • DGASPC Mehedinți
  • DGASPC Prahova
  • DGASPC Sibiu
  • DGASPC Teleorman
  • DGASPC Bacău
  • DGASPC Brăila
  • DGASPC Caraș Severin
  • DGASPC Dolj
  • DGASPC Giurgiu
  • DGASPC Nasaud
  • DGASPC Satu Mare
  • DGASPC Suceava
  • DGASPC Timiș
  • DGASPC Bihor
  • DGASPC Brașov
  • DGASPC Cluj
  • DGASPC Ialomița
  • DGASPC Harghita
  • DGASPC Neamț
  • DGASPC Salaj
  • DGASPC Mureș
  • DGASPC București Sectorul 3
  • COTE Iași
  • Salvați Copiii
  • Aba-Del-Tin Suceava
  • Lift The Children
  • SOS Satele Copiilor Bacău, București, Sibiu
  • Casa Speranței Constanța
  • Mia’s Children
Republic of Moldova
  • CCF Moldova-children, communities, families

Thanks to the the professionalism and consistent care we demonstrated while working with state institutions to help underprivileged youth, we became one of the few NGOs recognized as an official partner of the General Directorate of Social Services and Child Protection (GDPC), under the The Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Protection. Ever since we started the Blue Heron University Scholarship and Personal Transformation Program, GDPC granted us its trust and support so that we can choose worthy recipients and expand across the country, thus every year giving this opportunity to more and more qualified youngsters.