Romania & Moldova Teams

 Cristina Porsega – Director, BH Scholarship Program, Romania

Cristina graduated from the Western University of Timisoara with a degree in Sociology and Psychology and continued her graduate studies in Management & Human Services.

Cristina was a Blue Heron scholarship recipient herself (2005 – 2010), until graduating and obtaining her M.A. degree. She understands thoroughly how the program works, first as a grantee and then as a member of the Foundation’s team.

Valentina Ostap – BHF Scholarship Program Director, Republica Moldova

Vlentina Ostap was born in Sukhumi, Georgia and currently lives and works in Chisinau, Moldova. As a teenager, she pursued her passion for painting and acting at the Calarasi Art School. Valentina was admited at the Ion Creanga University where she received a B.A. and an M.A. in psychology and also her teaching credentials. Upon graduation, she continued to pursue her artistic vocations studying at the Andries Puppet Theater. Valentina was also a volunteer for various social causes. Between 2008-2012 she worked at the Moldovan NGOs Aliance Secretariat dedicated to the Social Protection of Children and Families. For three years afterwards she was employed as a Psychologist at the Community Association CCF-Moldova.


Antoaneta Andreea Muraru – Director, Mentorship Program, Romania

Antoaneta Andreea Muraru (PhD) studied Psychology at the University of Iași. She is working as a therapist, trainer and supervisor in the field of couple and family therapy and she is one of the founders of Family and Couple Psychotherapy Association in Iași. Her interest in postmodern therapies grew over the recent years and now she is specialized in narrative therapy, a therapy of solidarity. Through her work, she is aiming to make marginalized and isolated voices heard. She is working with individuals, couples and various groups who have experienced discrimination and marginalization.

With a large experience in child protection state department, private practice and many NGOs, she is passionate about the narrative approach, social justice issues, curious and respectful when interacting with persons, always looking for HOPE.

I am honored to be part of the Blue Heron team and humbled by their work, dedication and generosity. I have been working for many years in supporting people to gain agency in their lives and I wish to offer my experience and my joy of living in order to build, together with these young adults and their mentors, new stories of possibilities and new solid places on which to stand.


Horatiu Schiopu – Law & Accounting Consulting

Horatiu Schiopu was born in Campina, Prahova County, Romania. He spent his childhood in the countryside, in Valea Doftanei. From an early age he came to understand the hardships that the impoverished have to endure and he resolved to do something to ameliorate their situation when the time came. That time was 2008, when Horatiu joined the Blue Heron Foundation as a mentor. Since then he has been an active participant in the foundation’s programs.

Valedictorian of his promotion, Horatiu majored in law at the University “Al.I Cuza” from Iasi. He then pursued further studies in the field and obtained an M.A. from the University “Titu Maiorescu” in Bucharest. He has built a career in banking law and is, at present, a senior partner at the the law firm Schiopu & Associates, SCA. He strongly believes that every adult can and should support children and young people by getting involved in their education.


Lucian Mustata – IT Consulting

Lucian Mustata graduated from The Cybernetics Faculty in Bucharest and received M.A diplomas from the National School of Political and Administrative Science and the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest. Shortly thereafter he founded Lucian & Partners SRL-D, an IT company offering a broad range of services, including web design, online security, branding and search optimization.

Lucian became a Blue Heron scholarship recipient in 2011 and, after graduation, has remained an active alumnus overseeing Blue Heron’s creative and web design. He recently launched the global platform Note About Life, a site that allows people to share their life story and inspire others through their advice and example

Daniela Tordoi – Coordinator, BH Mentorship Program

Daniela majored in Psychology and Education Sciences at the University of Bucharest and then specialized in Integrative Psychotherapy.

She is an accredited career & personal development coach. Daniela’s professional experience has expanded in accessing and managing development funds, a specialty that has enabled her to initiate and coordinate educational projects, including summer camps for young people and adults.

Daniela’s professional interests are complemented by her passion for writing, traveling and sports.


Catalina Neculau – Staff Psychologist/Group Coordinator

Born in Iasi, Romania, Catalina started her carrier as a nurse in an OR facility. Partly as a result of this work she became interested in helping people not simply with their physical ailments but with their mental and emotional ones as well. Consequently she obtained a degree in psychology from The Alexandru Ioan Cuza University and continued her studies in psychosocial intervention and psychotherapy. Catalina specializes in Ericksonian therapy and hypnosis and in narrative therapy.

As a Blue Heron Group Coordinator she oversees the mentor-mentee relationships and the progress of a group of Blue Heron students based in Iasi and Suceava.

Catalina is an avid photographer and an enthusiastic traveller and mountain climber.


Alexandra Arnautu – Coordinator

A linguist by education, an entrepreneur by opportunity and a networker by vocation, Alexandra Arnautu is a humanist of the XXI century. Born in Romania, she grew up in Lebanon at that time when bombs fell so often it was no longer news. From this early life experience she retained a ”seize the moment” attitude and a will to make things happen against all odds. Back in Romania, she pursued an education in humanities. She has an MA in foreign languages (French, English and Arabic) and an academic specialty in public relations and communication. She studied in Tunisia, Syria and Jordan.

 Ada Lungu – Coordinator

Ada Lungu was born under the sign of diversity. She lived, worked and studied in six cities and three countries, on two continents. She experienced her academic specialty, intercultural communication, in every practical way. She could probably find a way to talk to an alien. Ada pursued academic and professional courses in communication, journalism and project management in Cairo, Bordeaux, Paris, Brussels and Berlin.

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