The year 2012 was one of the most significant and beautiful periods of my life. Among the many blessings of that year I count the scholarship received from the Blue Heron Foundation. When I applied for the scholarship, I had to write The Story of my Life. When I wrote it, I didn’t focus on being an orphan; I preferred to stress my ambition and perseverance, my determination to do something good in life and my awareness of the struggle ahead.

Once I became a Blue Heron student, something new and very exciting began – my world gained a new meaning, a new perspective. The emotional support I got tops any other kind of support I’ve received. My mentor, Diana Marcin, contributed enormously to the improvement of my outlook. The encounters I had with Stefania Madgison, Mihaela Constantinescu, Cristina Porșega and other Blue Heron beneficiaries were unforgettable. We could talk about anything, for hours. It really felt like we were a family… The monthly journal was a pleasant surprise. By inviting me to write about my actions, achievements, failures and other meaningful moments, it gave me the chance to know myself better, to see more clearly into my possibilities.

Now I feel I have become who I hoped I would be. I am a teacher of Romanian language and literature. At any moment in my life, the Blue Heron Foundation will remain a point of reference. My volunteering and mentorship experiences were so formative – ingredients put together with care, vital to my personal and professional transformation.

I thank all the members of the Foundation for offering me some of the best experiences of my life so far.

M.A., Romanian Literature in European Context, Ștefan cel Mare University, Suceava

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