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  • Matching Funds

    Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions made by their employees. Often 1 to 1 or even 2 to 1.  Find out if your employee has a matching gift policy.

  • Gifts Of Stock

    We have set-up a commission free account to accept donations in appreciated securities, like publicly traded equities. Donating long term held and highly appreciated publicly traded stocks can be among the most tax advantaged items to donate to charity, because it may enable the donor to potentially avoid the capital gain tax liability associated with the sale of the stock, while the foundation receives the full value. Thus contributing the securities directly to the charity instead of selling first and donating the cash proceeds, usually increases the amount of your gift as well as your deduction.

    So for illustrative purposes assuming you bought stock for $1,000 that is worth $3,000 today and that you held it for longer than a year. If you sold for cash today you would usually owe 23.8% federal capital gain taxes on the $2,000 appreciation (plus potentially additionally state and local taxes). If you donate the stock directly instead, the foundation would receive the stock and sell it tax free thus realizing the full value of $3,000, while you would generally be able to deduct the full $3,000 (assuming the donor itemizes).

    Some people think that donating stock is a huge hassle that can take a lot of paperwork and phone calls to figure out, but we have streamlined the process and it is easier than you think.

    If any of you would like to contribute by donating stock, please let us know.

    Alex Bacu,
    VP of Fundraising and Community Outreach, West Coast

    Questions? Please contact info@blueheronfoundation.org or call 1-310-702-2038.

  • Foundraise On Facebook

    Many of our supporters have chosen to give to Blue Heron in this manner. You can set up a fundraiser to:

    • celebrate your birthday.
    • take advantage of “Giving Tuesdays” by reaching out to your friends
    • set up a challenge, like:
      • a fitness challenge or a Do-It-Yourself project
      • cooking demo
      • live concert

    The great thing about Facebook is that it covers all processing fees through Network for Good, so we receive 100% of the donation.

    Click here to find out the exact steps

  • Host a Salon

    Some of our members have helped expand our circle of supporters by hosting a salon for potential new members.

    We invite you to contact us at

    310-702-2038 or smagidson@blueheronfoundation.org to discuss how you can Host a Salon, virtual or in-person. This is an opportunity to invite friends, family, colleagues and anyone else who shares your passion for giving back. Blue Heron Foundation founder will present the organization’s history and goals, facilitate meaningful conversations and answer questions about the cause.

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