Since 2005, Blue Heron has focused on expanding The University Scholarship and Mentorship Program, which aims to provide essential college funding to vulnerable students in Romania and Moldova. Our goal is to help our students gain those values and skills necessary to navigate life as productive, self-reliant adults. With this intention we designed our program to offer one-on-one support while also fostering responsibility.

We provide our students with:

  • A $55 monthly living stipend toward personal expenses
  • Tuition: up to $600, which covers all fees for most undergraduate and graduate degrees, and the full tuition of $2,200 for medical school (this applies to students whose tuition is not subsidized by the Romanian Government)
  • Up to $400 per year for supplementary coursework, such as foreign language, tech, or driving classes (this applies to students whose tuition is not subsidized by the Romanian Government)
  • A one-on-one adult mentor who closely monitors the assigned student’s progress and offers emotional support, filling a gap that these young adults often encounter as they enter university
  • A monthly journal, which fosters communication between the students, mentors and the foundation. This encourages students to share their successes and challenges, allowing them to forge meaningful relationships with their mentors while gaining a deeper understanding of themselves
  • The opportunity to participate in a yearly summer camp where students celebrate the year’s achievements and engage in a wide range of activities, including horseback riding, hiking, dancing, resume workshops, and mock job interviews

Scholarships are awarded through a formal contract between the Foundation and the Scholarship Recipients, in collaboration with the State Directorate or the relevant NGO the students belong to. These scholarships are renewable every school year, contingent upon satisfactory completion of students’ academic and program requirements.

We require our students to:

  • Attend classes regularly
  • Successfully pass year-end qualifying exam
  • Write monthly journal entries to their mentors and the foundation 
  • Volunteer 5 hours per week




Being a Blue Heron scholarship recipient is a commitment to oneself, to one’s mentor and to society. It is a joint effort between the foundation and recipients meant to help them become independent, responsible and successful.


  • Applicants must be either orphaned or abandoned in the care of the state (Social Assistance and Child Protection Directorate –DGASPC-) or a non-governmental organization (NGO) 
  • In some cases, we consider applicants who show exceptional academic potential but come from families with extremely disadvantaged backgrounds 
  • Applicants must be accepted into a Romanian university 
  • Applicants must not benefit from any other scholarships or sources of income 


A team of Blue Heron evaluators carefully studies all applications and awards scholarships based on the following criteria:

  • The degree of hardship applicants have faced and the significance of the obstacles they have had to overcome
  • A demonstrated love of learning and acceptable academic achievement during their high school years
  • A commitment to participate fully in all aspects of the Blue Heron Scholarship program and are not just looking for financial aid
  • A willingness to meet us halfway


The Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Protection sends an annual Blue Heron scholarship announcement to every Child Protection office in the 40 regions of Romania. We also work with the school inspectorates of each region to identify academically promising students from vulnerable families.

Blue Heron accepts approximately half of all applicants.

Are you up to the challenge?


At Blue Heron Foundation, we try to speak for those vulnerable members of the Romanian society who are unable to speak for themselves. But as these orphaned and abandoned children gain the support they need in life, their voices begin to ring loud and clear. We have much to learn from their stories of overcoming obstacles and finding a place for themselves in the world despite their many challenges.

The fonder pay all administrative costs.

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I feel honored to be invited to share with you some thoughts about myself and the way the Blue Heron Foundation changed my life. My childhood was deprived of the warmth of a loving family. As a child, I suffered from a very serious form of asthma. The poor conditions…


I want to start by thanking all the Blue Heron contributors, as well as Prof. Lidia Starica, who first introduced me to the Blue Heron program. In addition, I want to thank my mentor, Mrs. Corina Musteret, who came to have a very special place in my life and in…


I always think fondly of the Blue Heron family. I like to call it a big family because over the past three years (2006-2009) while I was a grantee of the foundation, I met generous and gifted people. While I was a student in the Construction Faculty in Iasi, I…


I am still institutionalized in a Children’s Home until the end of my university studies. I do not regret growing up in this place. It is, basically, the home of a very big family. At present, I am a student at the Faculty for Environmental Engineering, at the University ”Vasile…


I would like to thank the Blue Heron Foundation, its supporters, the Aba Del Tin Foundation, and, last but not least, Ramona Maxwell, my mentor. I had the privilege to be a Blue Heron scholar since the beginning of the program. I benefited from both the financial and moral support…


I lived in social care until I was 25 years old. My mother abandoned me in the maternity ward because she has no means to take care of me. I grew up in several different placement centres. In every one of these places, I met teachers and social assistants who…


I was in the care of SOS Children’s Village ever since I was a little girl. My parents couldn’t care for me, so they did what they thought was best and left me there. They thought that, this way, I would get better access to the things they couldn’t provide,…


Back in 2004, when I was about 17 years old, professor Calaican (BH member) came to visit me in the orphanage ‘Casa Maria’ and talk to me about this new project – BH’s college scholarships. I was the first girl in many generations in our orphanage who aspired to go…


In 2010, I became a Blue Heron student. The BH family gave me a helping hand during the most important time of my life and provided all the support I needed to build a solid foundation for a fulfilling life. I was a student in the program for 5 years,…


The year 2012 was one of the most significant and beautiful periods of my life. Among the many blessings of that year I count the scholarship received from the Blue Heron Foundation. When I applied for the scholarship, I had to write The Story of my Life. When I wrote…

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