I was in the care of SOS Children’s Village ever since I was a little girl. My parents couldn’t care for me, so they did what they thought was best and left me there. They thought that, this way, I would get better access to the things they couldn’t provide, such as a good education.

Before being admitted to the university, I had the extraordinary chance to enter the Blue Heron scholarship program. During all the years I have spent as a scholarship beneficiary, I was helped so much, both on a financial and an emotional level.

Mrs. Camelia Davtyan, my mentor, was always by my side, guiding me, helping me with anything I needed, in spite of our geographical distance. I am so grateful to her and to all the members of the Blue Heron Foundation.

Now I am graduating from the University of Veterinary Medicine. I look forward to caring for and contributing to the health of animals, who need our help so much.

For the future, I commit to helping others in need, thus paying forward the blessings I myself received. Without them, I would not have come this far.

Ramona S., Graduate, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cluj Napoca

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