“My acceptance into the Blue Heron Foundation and Family is one of the most precious gifts I have ever received. It will always be an accomplishment that I will cherish forever. I find myself waiting impatiently for every Blue Heron meeting, eager to attend and be part of ‘my family.’ Each meeting helps me as I struggle with life difficulties and I leave accepting and appreciating myself. These meetings have provided me with a new way of reaching myself with beautiful values; they fill me with joy, empowering me and awakening my senses of gratitude for what I had and what I have at present.
Although I thought the time was my enemy, with patience, I now understand that it is my best friend!”

Maria-Elena, Blue Heron scholarship recipient since 2019
Ovidius University Faculty of Medicine, Constanta



When I heard that I had been awarded a scholarship from Blue Heron Foundation, I was very happy. I didn’t realize that I was also going to gain a mentor, a lifelong friend who would become my “guardian” from across the ocean.
We quickly became friends because Ildikó knew how to communicate with a Transylvanian “Szekler” since she is also a Hungarian from Transylvania. My first year at university was very difficult because I had to learn the Romanian language. But my new friend was there to help me, and we spent lots of time together

Attila, B.S. Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science
Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
Blue Heron scholarship recipient since 2019



When I received the email with the news that a mentor had been found for me, I admit I was very excited but also a little scared because I didn’t know exactly what this mentorship entailed. I was not a person who sat down to think and reflect on what had happened the previous month, and above all, I never cared to share my experiences –pleasant or less pleasant – with anyone. 

Yet it was writing to Ms. Florentina in my activity diary every single month that helped me develop, which is the most important thing for me.

My personal development took place through the discussions I had with Mrs. Florentina. It was the courage and trust she instilled in me, along with her advice, that ultimately helped me become a more motivated and brave person, able to achieve my goals (improve my English, lead a healthier lifestyle).

In addition to this, I believe that her positive and constructive feedback helped me in my emotional development as well as in the development of my leadership skills, which I was able to use at my workplace.  

That’s why I want to especially thank Ms. Florentina who was by my side whenever I needed it and the entire BLUE HERON team for all the work and all the effort they put in for us young people who want to achieve something in our lives. 

Sandra, BH scholarship recipient since 2019
BA, Faculty of Social Work, Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca
Second year MA in Justice, Probation and Mediation 


“For me, this master’s degree program, which I have successfully completed, has meant a dream that many years ago, I couldn’t even imagine. I had to overcome numerous obstacles and now to my immense joy, I find myself in this amazing moment, having gathered so much information and experience!  

Blue Heron Foundation and my mentor, Ms. Doina Blaj, were like two mothers, always ready to come to my aid, to be by my side, to guide me as I worked toward creating a wonderful future for myself. They opened my eyes and gave me courage and ambition, taught me that even rain clouds part and that when they don’t, I should dance in the rain rather than wait for it to stop.

I want to thank you for every single thing, for every moment of empathy toward me, for the trust you had in me and for helping me see more clearly with every step I took. I also want to thank all the people who are part of and support the Foundation.”

Sergiu, BH Student since 2018
M.A. Physical Therapy and Nutrition


I first met Dragoș virtually, in the summer of 2020. The BH team chose my mentor very well! Distance did not matter because  we knew how to communicate and forged a long-lasting friendship. Every time Dragos read my monthly journal he gave me feedback and encouragement. I liked that Dragoș told me about his own student days and I felt that he understood my current situation very well. He greatly appreciated my involvement in various activities. 

I thank the BH team for all the support they have given me during my 3 years as a scholarship student. Through the team, I learned to get involved in various activities, at first because of the contract I signed where I was asked to volunteer, and later because I wanted to. My monthly journal really helped me grow and develop personally. 

I would like to thank Cristina Porsega for her involvement in the group she leads. She was amazing!

Razvan, BH scholarship recipient 2019-2012
MS in Construction Geodesy, Univ Politehnica Timisoara


In general, I am good at describing certain aspects of my life or writing about the people around me. But it has taken me a long time to find the right words to explain the effect my mentor, Mrs. Anca, has had on me, as well as my deep respect for her. Ever since I was accepted as a Blue Heron scholarship student, I have felt as if someone from above was taking care of me. Mrs. Anca took that wonderful feeling to a whole new level. Her simple yet powerful act of taking time to communicate with me has made a great difference in my life and I will always be grateful for the relationship we forged over the past year.

Otilia, B.S. Psychology, Ovidius University, Constanta
BH scholarship recipient since 2021


Since this is my final diary entry, I want to share a few of my BH experiences with you. BH  brought me joy and more than that, love, appreciation and acceptance. During my six years as a fellow, I endured many obstacles, mental fatigue, health and emotional issues, and more. When I plummeted to the darkest depths, it was through BH that I found people ready to support me and help me see the light. I thank my mentor Vlad Feier, Andreea Muraru, Cristina and many other BH personnel who have been so important as I studied and trained.

Deniz, 2022 graduate
School of Horticulture, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj


“My name is Iulian. I’m a student at the National University of Physical Education and Sport, and I’m proud to say that Blue Heron has had a very positive effect on my life. When I was accepted in the summer of 2021, I just knew that a lot of good things were going to come my way. My monthly activity journals helped me reflect on what I’ve done so far and allowed me to see how I’ve exceeded my own expectations. My mentor is also very important to me because I always get support, no matter how much help I need. Thank you!”

Iulian, Blue Heron scholarship recipient since 2021
National University of Physical Education and Sport, Bucharest


I met Andra in 2018 and I still remember that she invited me to Manuc’s Inn, where we spent a wonderful evening getting to know each other, sharing a bit of our lives. I was a newly accepted scholarship student with great emotions and endless expectations. Despite the emotions, Andra, with a big, warm smile, gave me a welcome that eased my initial anxiety.

The first years under Andra’s mentorship were full of learning, adaptation and a lot of work. I recall the difficult times, my doubts, and the countless times I questioned my abilities. But Andra was always there – ready to guide me, advise me and encourage me.

As time went on, I started to feel more confident and capable. I learned a lot about the recruiting field, but also about myself. Andra taught me not only to be a good recruiter, but also to be a better person.

Our relationship was more than just mentor-mentee – Andra became a true friend. We laughed together, discussed our dreams and hopes, and created unforgettable memories. In the end, my experience at the Blue Heron Foundation was much more than I expected. It was a journey of discovery and personal growth.

Thanks to Andra, I was able to expand my wings in art through the galleries we visited and I couldn’t wait to attend the shows and plays she invited me to.

My favorite thing was to never look up the event or the place we were going to, because I knew I would always be pleasantly surprised by her choices.

Kind regards

Alexandra, BH Scholarship recipient 2018-2023
MA in PR and Communication, University of Bucharest


“Blue Heron is like a second family to me, a family that has always supported and encouraged me to become the person I am today. I overcame a variety of obstacles with the help of my mentor, Alex Bacu, as well as with support from you, Blue Heron.

You have helped me better understand life and made it easier for me to become successful. These days I’m more motivated than ever and am excited to start my PhD studies. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Andrei, Blue Heron Scholarship Recipient, 2015 – present
M.S. in Environmental Engineering, V.A. University, Bacau

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