In the U.S.

Nadia Comăneci and Bart Conner

One of the most inspiring Olympic couples, five time gold medalist Nadia Comaneci and US gold medalist Bart Conner have been Blue Heron supporters since 2004.

In this day and age it is easy to become cynical about the business affairs of certain non-profits. However, that is precisely why we have been extremely impressed with the net results of the Blue Heron Foundation to fill the needs of these under-served Romanian teenagers. It is truly exceptional that the founders cover the expenses of the Blue Heron Foundation so that all of the donated funds can go directly to the youngsters in the program.

Anastasia Soare

CEO Anastasia Beverly Hills, Inc.

Blue Heron Foundation is the only charitable foundation that I know of that graciously donates 100% of the proceeds towards the program. Stefania and Mark’s generosity to cover all of Blue Heron’s administrative costs is only surpassed by their dedication and kindness towards these young adults. Congratulations on your achievements and giving so many kids the chance for a brighter future. I also want to congratulate you on keeping the spirit of the community and involvement alive after 10 years. Through this charitable work you are shaping and bettering the lives of young adults who were not fortunate enough to have the guidance of loving parents, and you are offering your donors and members the chance for personal growth. Bravo!

Neil Leifer

Photographer, Blue Heron Member since 2003.

We all have been lucky to experience some of the greatest moments in sports history through the lens of legendary sports photographer Neil Leifer. Neil’s career has spanned over five decades during which he photographed 15 Olympic Games, published 16 photography books and was a staff photographer for LIFE, Time, Newsweek and Sports Illustrated.

I have been a proud contributor to the Blue Heron Foundation since its very first fundraiser in 2003. It was my pleasure to host an event for Blue Heron at my New York home in April 2005 and have continued my annual support ever since.

Blue Heron is a wonderful charity with a mission that I find extremely worthwhile, necessary and important, and Stefania Magidson has worked tirelessly to meet the lofty goals that Blue Heron has set. I was initially and I still am very, very impressed by the fact that one hundred percent of every dollar donated to this wonderful charity goes to helping the children it is meant to help.

Alexandra Nechita

A well-known child prodigy, Romanian born Alexandra Nechita started wowing the American public with her solo art exhibit at the age of 8 and hasn’t stopped since. Chosen by the World Federation of United Nations Associations to lead a Global Arts Initiative, she is a visionary artist and a Blue Heron supporter since 2004:

It’s true that with time, you grow, not only in age, but in mind, heart and in spirit. As an adult and after my own university experience (the 1st in my family), I can say I have a new found respect for the cause at heart- because I can truly understand what an unmatched value an education can have on a human being. What a gift it is, to have the chance to choose, and an opportunity to change. Blue Heron is not just making a difference in numbers, which of course is a feat all on its own -most importantly they are championing the human life and giving those lives the tools to discover their highest capacity. I am so proud to be associated with Blue Heron and look forward to a future hand in hand.

Leigh Bantivoglio

Designer, Los Angeles

Just returned from a 3 week immersion in Romania with Stefania and her team. My heart is so full! To witness the gift Blue Heron and the contributors make in the lives of these young adults made it all so real for me. I was able to meet the kids, go to the camp and see how all the magic happens. And it truly is a soul to soul connection within the foundation and through it to the kids who have been abandoned.
I will never forget the memories that I have of seeing how kids come in with no hope, are given financial and emotional support, and turn into aspiring young adults making their way in the world and making their own unique contributions.

Lisa Gerrard

Lisa Gerrard has established herself as one of Australia’s most ground-breaking and in-demand artists over a career of two decades as a performer with Dead Can Dance and a composer of award-winning movie soundtracks. Her otherworldly voice brought her many film collaborations (Gladiator, The Insider, Baraka, Samsara) as well as Golden Globe and Oscar nominations. She has also issued a series of acclaimed solo and collaborative albums.

I’m extremely proud of Blue Heron and feel greatly privileged to be a part of this wonderful vision. I have a dream to also bring harmony in the world, in this we will grow knowing that we are fulfilling our purpose here; it’s great to be alive when I see people caring for others, it brings joy. Let’s get others as excited as we are!

In Romania

H. E. Andrei Muraru

The Ambassador of Romania to the United States.

Humanitarian work knows no borders – and the programs of the Blue Heron Foundation stand as an example worth emulating of generously shared humanity, expertise and financial help.

All the pillars that sustain the Strategic Partnership that Romania shares with the United States are essentially grounded in the amazing people-to-people ties. I think our bilateral friendship is boosted by the many initiatives of this foundation, dedicated to students and mentors in Romania and the Republic of Moldova – where hundreds of students attending universities and vocational schools were recipients of the scholarship program since 2005.

I hope that the foundation will continue to „uplift humanity” for many years and even decades to come.

His Excellency Adrian Vierita

Romanian Ambassador to the United States (2008-2015) Adrian Vierita is an admirer and supporter of Blue Heron’s efforts.

Raising funds for any charity is certainly an art in itself, but doing it consistently over ten years and reaching $1 million shows dedication and tenacity beyond any means. I am proud to see that you have succeeded in promoting Romania in the most positive light through all your programs and all the success stories from your scholarship recipients. You proved time and time again that endurance, grace and determination are deeply rooted in Blue Heron’s foundation creed, and also reflected in the realities that it helped shape.

His Excellency Sorin Ducaru

The Romanian Ambassador to the United States (2001-2006) has supported Blue Heron Foundation since its inception and continues to bring awareness to its cause.

I express my deepest gratitude for the generous activity of the Romanian and American volunteers working for the Blue Heron Foundation to create better conditions for those children who have not had the chance to live and grow within a family environment. Their actions are highly appreciated and provide a good example of how Americans and Romanians can work together for a noble purpose.

Adrian Paduraru

Film and theater actor in Bucharest and Blue Heron Mentor.

I didn’t know what being someone’s mentor means until I joined this program. I did not think it was enough to provide a personal example for the young person in my care, from which he would learn and grow. It is not a one-way road from me, the Mentor, to him, the Mentee. It is a two-way journey in which we go forward and back, change directions, cry with joy and discover. What does it mean, for me, to be a mentor? To bring meaning to someone’s life.

I express my deepest gratitude for the generous activity of the Romanian and American volunteers working for the Blue Heron Foundation to create better conditions for those children who have not had the chance to live and grow within a family environment. Their actions are highly appreciated and provide a good example of how Americans and Romanians can work together for a noble purpose.

Valentina Ionescu

Producer, Presenter TVR Romania, Board Member & Master of Ceremonies – Valentine’s Day Charity Ball

I joined the Blue Heron Foundation in 2005. Since then I understood how important it is to give a chance and an education to those young adults who cannot count on support from elsewhere. When you see what a difference a kind word or a piece of advice said at the right time can make in someone’s life, you feel you have really succeeded in building something valuable.

Catalina Mustata

Film and theater actress in Bucharest and Blue Heron mentor.

Blue Heron Foundation, through its mere existence and through fulfilling its mission and goals, demonstrates selflessness, generosity, and most of all, love. Blue Heron Foundation’s actions are exemplary from the human perspective, they demonstrate that there can be rescue where all roads seem to be closed, that hope is not an utopia and that the future can be built by emphasizing what one’s heart dictates.

Aura Cercel


Romanian born Aura Cercel is the creative force behind “Eva Culture”, the art deco inspired fashion line that seduces Hollywood with its subtle, sophisticated elegance and tribute to femininity.

As soon as I met Stefania and learned about Blue Heron, I instantly wanted to bring my contribution to the vision. The passion of developing human potential by investing in education resonates deeply inside of me. I am touched by Blue Heron’s mission and deeds and feel honored to join forces, to save and shape lives together!

Larisa Popa

Miss Universe Romania 2011, Blue Heron Foundation Ambassador

I sincerely hope that these wonderful students we are helping now will make a big difference tomorrow and for the years to come. Education is the most important component of one’s upbringing and it’s the only way to elevate a society to higher standards of living. I am proud to see that a few of the scholarship recipients have already started to make small donations to our foundation and this is a great sign that we chose the right students to support.

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