From July 11th to July 19th we are, for the first time, embarking on an adventure that is meant to bring together Blue Heron scholarship recipients from different corners of Romania: Suceava, Iasi, Cluj, Brasov, Sibiu, Bucuresti and Constanta. Our intention is to give them an opportunity to know each other, as each and every young man and woman in our program shares a difficult past and a strong spirit that has transported them into a stable present and an inspiring future. The camp activities will focus on personal and professional development, team building activities as well as fun and relaxation in the middle of the inspiring wilderness of Cheile Rasnoavei (Brasov county).

The camp is our end-of-the-year gift to our students, carried out in collaboration with AED LUDENS, an experienced organization whose activities focus on development of innovative educational programs. Together we will lead and take part in workshops that will cover topics such as entrepreneurship, emotional intelligence, networking, job interviewing skills, etiquette; in addition, we will discuss topics of interest as requested by the participants during our evening club sessions, we will dance, hike in the mountains, play team games and go horseback riding.

For me, it is another happy occasion to return to my native Romania and find myself again in the middle of a team of dedicated professionals. As always, Mihaela Constantinescu, director of our Mentorship program, Cristina Porsega, assistant program director, Alexandra Arnautu and Ada Lungu, managing partners If Magic will be at my side as organizers and participants.

I warmly welcome our collaboration with the founders of AED LUDENS, actor Adrian Paduraru and his partner, psychologist Daniela Serban. Together with the rest of their team, Mihai Axinte, actor, Mirela Cioran, dancing teacher and Brandusa Balan, logistics manager I feel I can relax and rely on their many years of experience and knowledge.

We will also receive a visit from Mike Costache, who, in addition to Fundaising Director is also President of Miss Universe Romania. He will visit the camp along with Oana Paveluc, the newly crowned Miss Universe Romania 2010. Each year, the designated Miss Universe Romania becomes Blue Heron Foundation’s Ambassador. Oana will meet the students and will acquaint herself with our work and the actual young men and women we help so that she can bring their message to the larger world.

We are looking forward to an unforgettable experience!


Stefania Magidson

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